I’ll be at New York Comic-Con this week!

Hello fans!

Things have been busy here in Kill Shakespeare Land with lots of work and deadlines of late. Many things to announce in the coming months…

But first, I want to announce that I’ll be attending New York Comic-Con this upcoming week in my adopted city!

I’l be at Table 1249 the entire weekend, along with some helpers at the table. I’ll have copies of all Kill Shakespeare volumes, our board game, our ShakesGear t-shirts, and copies of Assassin’s Creed (Volume 1 and issues 6-12) and Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini. And you’ll be able to find out more about our future projects as well!

I'll be there!

I’ll be there!

I’ll also be attending a few panels and signings. These include:

Dynamite Comics’ Panel – Thu, Oct 6 @ 7:45pm (Room 1A02)

How to Self-Publish – Fri, Oct 7 @ 11am (Room 1A02)

Assassin’s Creed Signing – Sun, Oct 9 from 12 noon – 1pm (Titan Comics’ Booth)

So come by and visit me – it’s gonna be a great show!


Our Threadless Artist Shop is NOW OPEN!

One of the greatest frustrations we’ve had on the convention scene is having to tell customers, especially our American ones, that while our SHAKESGEARE line of shirts is available, that shipping out of Canada starts to get crazy expensive.

Well, we’re happy to announce that won’t be a problem anymore.

We now have a THREADLESS ARTIST SHOP. For those of you who don’t know Threadless is THE place to buy awesome t-shirts on the wen, and now our cool designs are there too. Being with them means much better shipping options across the USA as well as making it easy to offer new products like long-sleeve shirts, hoodies, and customizable colours for the shirts.

Love The Shakespearean Legion of Doom, but Green is not your colour? No problem now you can switch it up.











We’re also SUPER EXCITED to offer some NEW DESIGNS. We’ve had so many people ask to get the Tide of Blood cover on a T that we just HAD to listen — that’ll be up soon —  but here are a couple of the new goodies available RIGHT NOW!

It's the shirt you always hated to admit you wanted.

It’s the shirt you always hated to admit you wanted.

It’s the Kill Shakespeare classic logo shirt. Need we say more? We do? OK, it’s a shirt. it has our Logo on it. You can wear it.












The only trick is that if you search their site for ‘Kill Shakespeare’ you won’t find our artist shop – you need to cruise right in to the URL which you can find at this link.


Put it in your bookmarks and you’ll never go wanting for Kill Shakespeare clothing!



Sneak Peek at NEW PAGES!

As some of you have seen, Kill Shakespeare is coming back to the page.

We’re working on our fifth book, “Juliet” which is going to take a step back from the main story to show you how Juliet started on the path towards becoming Prodigal leader. Set just a a few months after the end of Romeo and Juliet, we pick up our heroine as an angry young woman, who still feels guilt over Romeo’s death, and isn’t sure that she deserved to have survived.  A horrific murder will give Juliet a cause, bloody vengeance, and pit her against one of Shakespeare’s nastiest villains, Cornwall from King Lear. Can Juliet get revenge? And will she lose herself in the process?

Unfortunately for us, the uber-talented Andy Belanger can’t join us this time out, so instead we have tapped the ALSO uber-talented Corin Howell! She’s best known for her work with BOOM! (Power Rangers), Viz Media (Bravest Warriors), Oni (The Mighty Zodiac) and IDW (Transformers), and now we’ve got her doing pencils and inks for our baby!

Vaneda Vireak, whose work featured in the back-up story for The Mask Of Night is on-board to colour the book and we could not be happier with their work.

Ah heck, why don’t we stop gushing and SHOW you?

Below are some pencils from the first chapter of the series – we’d love to hear your thoughts on this new comic-adventure!



Juliet_1_Pencils_5 Juliet_1_Pencils_7

The Year of Shakespeare!


To post, or not to post…

I’m back after a two-week sojourn into the colds of Canada… Actually, I took two weeks with Lisa to celebrate the holidays and am now back to the grindstone, plugging away at scripts for projects already announced or soon-to-be-announced. The last year (2015) was a great one, and it’s looking like 2016 will be even better.

Not only that, it’s also the Year of Shakespeare around the world. Why? Well, it’s the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death (he died on his birthday, April 23, 1616). Shakespeare organizations from around the world will be celebrating and acknowledging this with a great deal of pomp and circumstance.


The grave of Shakespeare

The grave of Shakespeare

And for us? Well, we have a few things up our sleeves but nothing to announce quite yet but stay tuned – there are at least two big things we’ll be involved with this year that are Kill Shakespeare-related.


New York Comic-Con!

Hello! It’s been a while as I’ve been quite busy over the last month with  lot of stuff going on and lots of news to announce in the coming months. It’s a little frustrating as I love to be able to post information regularly for our readers but, alas, I also need to make time to do, well, actual creative work that I will be able to write about!

But today I write about this weekend… The New York Comic-Con!

Yes, we will be attending the New York Comic-Con this weekend (Oct 8 -11) at the Javits Centre. It’s the second-largest comic convention in North America and seems to grow bigger and bigger each year (with attendance hitting about 150,000, from what I’ve been told). It’s always our biggest show of the year and this year it’ll be just as big for us!

Anthony and Conor with uber-volunteers Eliscia and Kate

From last year’s New York Comic-Con!


We’ll be at the same spot we’ve had for the last three years – BOOTH #1249, locating in Small Press area and close by the Marvel and Image booths. It’s a great spot and we’re happy to return. Conor will be overseeing the operation this weekend and I will be there on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. And joining us this time around is our amazing Marketing Coordinator Keith Morris! So swing by to pick up copies of Kill Shakespeare (including our recently-released hardcover book), Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini (now available in graphic novel!), our board game, our t-shirts, and the first issue of Assassin’s Creed (being released on Wed, Oct 14th!).


To celebrate the release of Assassin’s Creed #1, we’ll be taking part in a number of signings and a panel talk with Titan Comics. Our signings will be:

Thur 3:15 – 4:15 – Titan Comics Booth # 2142

Fri 1:30 – 2:30 – Titan Comics Booth # 2142

Sat 2 -3 – Titan Comics Booth # 2142

And our panel is:


Time: 1:45PM – 2.45PM – Room IA24

Guests: Richard Farrese (AC Scriptwriter at Ubisoft), Aymar Azaizia (AC Head of Content), Anthony Del Col (writer), Conor McCreery (writer), Dennis Calero (artist), Fred Van Lente (Templars writer), Andrew James (Executive Editor)


So come by and say hello – it would be great to see you!


Development for TV

For the last few years our fans have been asking if we plan on developing Kill Shakespeare for film or tv. Well, today it became official!

You can read the official notice here on

We are developing Kill Shakespeare with Universal Cable Productions, the studio responsible for the current hit MR. ROBOT (a favorite of mine) for television. While we’re still in the very, very early stages we hope to be able to announce some other cool developments for the television project. So stay tuned!

The Universal Cable logo, obviously...

The Universal Cable logo, obviously…

Appearing at London’s MCM Show this weekend!

Just got back from a whirlwind two weeks in Europe – and now I’m going back there!

In addition to my Inspired By: Shakespeare talk at the Globe Theatre this Thursday evening at 7pm, I will be attending the London MCM Comic-Con this weekend (Fri, May 22 – Sun, May 24) at the ExCel Centre in Southwest London. I am located in the Comics Village section, Table #CB1 (map can be found here).

The obligatory signage.

The obligatory signage.

It’ll be my fourth time appearing at the show and I’m excited to return to what is always an amazing show. And this year I’ll have our new hardcover Kill Shakespeare book and some other special things.

So if you’re in London this weekend – or know anyone that is – come by and visit me!




Appearing at Shakespeare’s Globe next month!

Look out, London!

I am quite excited to announce that I will be doing a talk the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, UK next month. I am the first speaker in their SHAKESPEARE: INSPIRED series of talks in the brand-new Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, a new candle-lit theatre that replicates what the first inside theatre were like in Shakespeare’s time.

It will be one-hour talk about the process behind the creation of Kill Shakespeare, the Bard in comics, inspirations, and everything else. It’ll be different than any other presentation I’ve done for a number of reasons, two being that IT’S THE FREAKIN’ GLOBE THEATRE(!) and also I won’t have the safety net of a PowerPoint presentation behind me. That’s right, I’m going rogue for this talk! Who knows what will happen? Anything could happen!

The exact details of my talk are:

Thursday, May 21st @ 7pm @ Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.

Tickets are 15 GBP, 12 GBP for students - available here

Official Link here

There will be book signings afterwards.


Anthony marvels at the Globe

I’ll be there!

In addition to the Shakespeare’s Globe talk, I will also be appearing at the MCM London Comic-Con from May 22 – 24th. It’s a show I’ve attended three times in the last few years and I’m excited to return. I’ll post more information about this in the coming weeks.

Approximately 100,000 people attended this year's show, making it one of the largest in the world!

I’ll be back!

This is why we do this…

I received an email from an old high school friend of mine last week, who I haven’t heard from in almost 20 years (don’t do the math, please…). He’s now living in Europe (he moved back during high school) and discovered Kill Shakespeare in his own journeys. It was a really nice thing to receive out of the blue.


We spend so much of our lives working on our stories and one of the best things is to know that people are reading what we’ve written – and more importantly, that it helps bring people together. It makes all of the long hours and doubts completely worth it.

The letter reads (I’ve edited out one line in the opening paragraph):

Hello Anthony.

You may not remember me, but we went to school together back in South Porcupine. We had mutual friends… and back then I used the name Matti. Only after moving to Finland have I started using my real name. 

But as to the reason of this letter. It is nothing more then a letter from an acquaintance from long ago congratulating you on your achievements. I literally stumbled onto Kill Shakespeare while working. A few years ago I was working as a child and family counselor in the university hospital of Tampere in the pediatric oncology and hematology unit. I walking into a patients room, and as I said literally stumbled on this book.  I was immediately intrigued, as was the patient due to my English language. It turned out to be just the right “ice breaker” that was needed to start the process I went through with the family for what turned out to be a long, painful and sadly final trip to the hospital for this family. But it wasn’t until now, years later I once again came across this series that I looked a little closer at it and realized that it was the Anthony that I knew back in Porcupine. I now live with my family  close to the Russian boarder in a small town/village called Kiihtelysvaara,close to Joensuu in North-Eastern Finland where I am going for my masters in theology to become a pastor at the university. As such, from time to time I do work with the youth group and young adults. One of youth group kids brought your comic on a camping trip that we were on and he asked that I read it to them as my pronunciation is somewhat better then theirs.

So congrats to you Anthony, you have a following way over here in Finland too. I wish you all the best. 

Kindest regards,



The Mask of Night collected edition is out next week!

I’m excited to announce that the collected trade paperback of THE MASK OF NIGHT is being released next week in comic shops around the world (and bookstores will be the following week).  So if you’re looking for a great holiday gift idea for that comic and/or Shakespeare fan in your circle, our fourth volume could be it!

Cover by Andy Belanger

Cover by Andy Belanger

This collected book includes the original four issues, a new backup story detailing the backstory of our protagonist’s brother Sebastian (tying it into our Kill Shakespeare universe), and a page-by-page dissection of script-to-artwork.

We’re excited to see the final product when it arrives (after LA port delays) and we know you will too!