Conor hits the airwaves!

Ah yesh, all the STUFF you need!

Ah yeah, all the STUFF you need!


A couple of days before Juliet #1 was released I had the privilege of going on the radio in NYC to make an appearance on the Stuph File – an  eclectic radio program hosted by Peter Anthony Holder. We talked about Kill Shakespeare, the new series Juliet, the hidden city of my birth, and EXACTLY how arrogant we were in deciding to rewrite this little known literary hack called Shakespeare…

I’m on with a doctor who invented a “Hangover Heaven Bus” to help the, uh,  overly enthusiastic denizens of Las Vegas, and a super  talented writer/producer of the web-series ‘Riley’ – about a child star’s life gone horribly, hilariously wrong as an adult.

Go here to check out the episode — we’re #0398 if it’s no longer at the top of the page.

But if you’re not interested in one of the most bizarre news summaries you’ll ever hear, the Doctor to the Drunk, the fate of a child star all-  grown up, and The Idiot of The Day, you can just listen to my segment here.








Helpful files for the Kill Shakespeare Game HERE

Happy New Year (again) everyone!

Serious Man. Fun Game.

Serious Man. Fun Game.

Many of you have been reaching out to us on social media to let us know you received a copy of the Kill Shakespeare Board Game for the holidays. Thank you so much for supporting us. We want to hear everything we can about how you are liking the game, what you think can be improved, and what you’d want to see in expansion packs for the game.

For those of you who didn’t realize we had a game out you can go here for a great review and discussion of how it came to be (And if you have the game? Ah, go ahead. Click anyway!)

This was the first time making a game for us and for IDW who spearheaded the project. While we’re VERY proud of the game that Wolf and Tomas designed for us, it’s incredibly thought-out and meticulously play-tested and put together, we know that some of the peripherals are a bit lacking.

But IDW isn’t the kind of partner to shrug their shoulders and say “oh, we’ll get’em next time!” They’ve been working their butts off with a few different folks around the internet – including David Minken of ConnectMore - who posts amazing play-throughs of tons of great games. Together they have made a collection of bonus materials, rules, a turn description, a summary sheet of how each round works, etc… to make your game playing (or giving) experience easier – and we want to share those with you.

To access the folder with all these goodies click here.

Now go, play and have fun!

All the best,
Conor & Anthony

New York Comic-Con

We are now only a week away from our biggest comic-con of the year… The New York Comic-Con!

It was five years ago that we attended this show and secured ourselves a publishing deal with IDW… and now we’re back with not only the fourth volume of Kill Shakespeare but also the debut of our new Sherlock Holmes vs. Harry Houdini series.


NYCC 2014 - Banner

We will be at Booth #1249 the entire weekend so swing by say hello, check out our final issue of Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night, the first issue of Holmes vs. Houdini… and our board game!  You can find a floor plan here.  Andy will also be at the show at Table N11.

We will also be doing signings at some other booths over the span of the weekend.  These will include:

IDW Publishing (Booth #1844) – Fri (Oct 12) – 6 – 7pm

Dynamite Comics (Booth #2022) – Thu (Oct 11) – 2-3pm

Dynamite Comics (Booth #2022) – Sat (Oct 13) – 4-5pm

Dynamite Comics (Booth #2022) – Sun (Oct 14) – 11am – 12pm

So it’ll be a busy weekend for us but do come and visit!

We Did It!

Well the dust has settled and the final numbers have been tallied and people, we ROCKED this little thing called Kickstarter!

Richard sits in grim approval of our awesomeness (don't mind him, 'grim' is all he's got.)

Richard sits in grim approval of our awesomeness (don’t mind him, ‘grim’ is all he’s got).

We ended up raising $38,585 dollars — that’s 154% MORE than our original goal. Because of you guys and your support, both in pledging, but just as importantly in spreading the word, we ended up hitting a stretch goal as well. The game now has a better board than it would have without you.

And, I hear rumours, and these are JUST rumours that because we came so close to the SECOND stretch goal — that we may end up seeing that happen anyway! Plus IDW has mentioned their might be some other surprises kicking about for those of you who pledged.

Now I have been hearing a few common questions so let me answer them as best I can:

Iago's severed head has a few questions he'd like to ask...

Iago’s severed head has a few questions he’d like to ask…

Q: Conor, I totally MEANT to support the kickstarter but I was kidnapped by Bolivian revolutionaries and just got back from Sucre… What do I do? Can I still get the Game?

A: Yes. Yes, you can. The game is going to be distributed widely. IDW wants Kill Shakespeare and all the other games coming out to be easy to get. Your local comic shop can order them, as can any store that specializes in board games. We’re told that most of these stores will be able to stock Kill Shakespeare starting in June. And of course, Anthony and I will probably bring a few copies to sell to most conventions.

(Oh, and I hope you had a chance to say “hi” to Evo Morales when you were in Bolivia…)

Q: When will I get my game if I supported the Kickstarter? Before those “Hamlet-come-lately” store buyers?

A: We’re told end of May is the likely time for that. The game has been thoroughly play-tested, we were just waiting to see what kickstarter goals we hit before sending the game to printers.

Q: So, IS the game going to be even more awesome than I am currently thinking it will be?

A: Yes! Definitely! I can’t tell you what it’s going to be but IDW and Pandasaurus have already GUARANTEED that there will be bonus content shipping with your game.

This is definitely NOT a hint.

This is definitely NOT a hint.


Nosiree... no hints here. Not a one... Uh-uh....

Nosiree… no hints here. Not a one… Uh-uh….

Q: When can I play you and Anthony?

A: Why, we’re glad you asked that! We’re planning a couple of events, including one here in Toronto, that will give you a chance to play the game against us, see what all the fuss is about, and get copies for yourself.

And right here, right now, I’m saying if you can manage to beat me I will…. uh… sign your comic books for free!

(what can I say? I suck at games…)

Q: Is there anything else I can do to help the game out?

A: Yes, for sure. Once you have the game set up some nights for your friends, and then encourage them to go to their local store and get them to order it. The more we can pull games through the retail channels the more IDW is going to want to do expansion sets and then some of those other stretch goals we just missed out on may become a reality (Meeples anyone?)

Again, you guys are amazing. We’re the luckiest creators in the world to have friends and a fan-base like you.

Much thanks,

Conor & Anthony.

Kill Shakespeare says: “Hope to see y’all soon in Charlotte”

It's HEROES time!

This weekend the K.S. boys mark their return to Charlotte, North Carolina to attend the 2013 HeroesCon!

This image has nothing to do with anything, except to show how awesome this show is going to be! Guys with skull masks? Halflings fleeing with babies? A big ghost-y thing? Heck yeah, heck yeah, and HELLS yeah!

It’s been a couple of years since we were in the land of the soft drawl and the hush-puppy and Andy and I are excited to see all the fans in the area, as well as make tons of new ones (for those hoping to see Anthony, sorry, but with the big guy having just returned from London, and with Boston (part deux) and Chicago still on the docket we thought we’d give him a break).

I’m also going to have the great pleasure of driving down to the convention with the talented Scott Chantler (Northwest Passage, Two Generals, Tower of Treasure).  Scott and I will both be set up in Artist Alley – I’ll be at booth AA-107  with trades, new issues of The Tide of Blood, and t-shirts and buttons galore!

Come on by, say hello, take a silly picture or two and maybe win some free swag if you can answer some CANADIAN TRIVIA!


PS: A big thanks to Rico, and everyone else at Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find, the amazing shop in Charlotte that runs this convention. You guys are the greatest.

Profile of KS on Canada’s InnerSPACE

The preparation for our Toronto The Tide of Blood Launch Party just over two weeks ago was covered by Canada’s top “geek” program, InnerSPACE.  The producer, the incredibly talented and knowledgeable Mark Askwith, visited us as we set up for the gallery show and interviewed Andy as well as myself (Conor was in Seattle that day for Emerald City Comic-Con).

You can watched the segment by clicking on the photo below.

Kill Shakespeare hits the stage in Seattle tonight!

Tonight and tomorrow night come check out the show that had Emerald City buzzing!

Today is the day Seattle!

The Kill Shakespeare Dramatic Reading starts its two night run this evening at 8 PM at the Balagan Theatre (1524  Harvard Ave)

Tickets are available through the Balagan website and as a special gift to fans of Kill Shakespeare you can use the code ‘ECCC’ to get a $5 discount.

Or, if you were at Emerald City Comic Con, you can use your badge, or the yellow flyer we were handing out at the booth, to get your discount as well.

Enjoy the show, and let us know what you think!


Kill Shakespeare heads to Emerald City!

Emerald City is this weekend!

This weekend the intrepid duo of Kill Shakespeare will be forced to split up.

Anthony stays in Toronto to oversee our big gallery show at the Comic Book Lounge (587A College St.) on Saturday evening, which if you are in Toronto you REALLY need to go to, while I head out to the left coast to hit Emerald City Comic Con.

I’ve never been to the Seattle show but am excited for many reasons:

If your drummer has Wolverine-style claws, you might be in a Nerd Rock band...

1) Show founder Jim Demonakos is an amazing guy AND married to the lovely Canadian comics fanatic Andrea Demonakos (nee Ball)! So any chance to see their smiling faces is one you HAVE to take.

2) Jim, and Kyle Stevens, the dynamic duo behind the awesome Nerd Rock band, Kirby Krackle, will be performing on their home turf as part of Kracklefest 3!

The Kill Shakespeare Dramatic Reading is coming to Seattle!

3) The Kill Shakespeare Dramatic Reading is going to hit the ECCC stage on Saturday at 5 P.M. I can’t WAIT to see what the amazing people at Balagan Theatre will do with our baby when it hits hall 2AB


4) I get to host two different panels. One on writing at 3 PM on Friday in room #401 the other is on the business of creation on Sunday at 5 PM, also in room #401

So if you are attending Emerald City please swing by artist alley, table J-02, to say ‘hello’ and pick up your copy of Tide of Blood Issue #1!

Hugs,  Conor


One of the most exciting and, for me, nerve-wracking projects for Kill Shakespeare in 2013 is the on-going roll-out of the stageshow.

It’s exciting because the stageshow allows us to reach an entirely different audience and get new people interested in stepping into the Kill Shakespeare world. It’s nerve-wracking though for that same reason: new people means new opportunities for misunderstanding the “point” of Kill Shakespeare. We’re here to praise the Bard, not to bury him, as those who’ve attended a convention with us have probably heard us say, but not everyone gets that.

Moving to the stage is also a bit intimidating because theatre audiences can have a reputation for… well, let’s put ths kindly, bone-shattering snobbery.

This is the sort of guy that sends Conor crawling for the exits.

And theatre critics? Oh, man they can be the WORST: with a glass of chardonnay in one hand, a wheel of  camembert in the other, and cheekbones that could cut glass, they scare the hell out of me by just SAYING the name Brecht.

Add to all THAT, the reality that in about a week the most ambitious undertaking of the dramatic reading EVER attempted is hitting the stage in Chicago, and you can tell why my already poor sleep habits might take a further nose dive.

Imagine my relief when Anderson Lawfer, the head-cheese over at Strawdog Theatre, the folks who are going to put Kill Shakespeare on stage for an unprecedented THREE WEEK run, called me to tell me that Time Out Chicago wanted to do an article on the show. It seems like those arbitrers of all that is cool in the Windy City think Kill Shakespeare fits the bill.

And indeed they have, and they seem quite excited about the whole thing.

Kill Shakespeare: The Dramtic Reading will hit the boards on March 4th and goes until the 26th in Strawdog’s cabaret space (the warm-and-fuzzily named Hugen Hall – grab tickets here).

You spell theatrical visionary: A-n-d-e-r-s-o-n L-a-w-f-e-r

Aside from talking up the show, Time Out goes in-depth about

Anderson and the rest of the Strawdog team and their penchant for staging some of the most interesting and innovative theatre in the city.

I certainly hope that fans of ours in and around Chicago will be able to attend the show — from what Anderson tells us it is going to be an experience unlike anything else that you have seen.

And if Ms. Snooty-critic with the killer cheekbones and the gluten-free diet doesn’t like it? Well fine… I’ll sleep soundly regardless.

(plus, I’d just show her this)


First full review is a positive one!

The first review is in… and it’s a positive one!  The comics blog Part-Time Fanboy, overseen by a former Aint It Cool News reviewer, posted a review of the first issue of The Tide of Blood earlier this week and praises it for how we’ve been able to take our characters in new directions.  What is really cool is this section:

“I want to give major kudos to Andy Belanger as he continues to do a fantastic job on the illustration chores. Belanger has changed his style somewhat from the art of the original series. I don’t know what it is…it seems as if the art in Tide of Blood is a bit rawer and less refined. I actually like this sort of newfound revision to Belanger’s technique. It adds to the feel of a rag-tag group of characters trying to pull a new society together. It gives the whole thing a sort of a “survivalist Shakespeare” vibe that I loved. Also different is the palette of the whole book. From what I remember of the original series it consisted of a lot of reds and browns that added a nice warmth to the book. The colors in this first issue of Tide of Blood are decidedly different. The hues and shades are somewhat brighter than the previous series and that gives TOB very much a feeling of being an all-new chapter in an ongoing saga. It’d be very easy for colorist Shari Chankhamma to stick to the look of the first series since it was such a success. This very slight change in the visuals of the book struck me as a bit of a bold move on her part which made me feel that the people behind Kill Shakespeare were going to be as courageous with their choices in this mini-series as they were with their first outing.”

Click on the image below to read the entire review.